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A System I professional for over twenty years with strong skills building SEO friendly websites using RPG, RPGLE, CLP, CLLE, SQL, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, AS/SET, JDEdwards A73, and over six years experience with ICOMS version 8.2.2. An IT manager and MIS director for eight years utilizing JDEdwards version 7.3 World software. Five years of web based programming experience using JavaScript, Perl, PHP, stored procedures, and Adobe web design software tools. Please review examples of my work by clicking on any of the categories below.

System I, RPGLE, ICOMS, JDEdwards
Examples of work that I have done on the System I in RPGLE, ICOMS, and JDEdwards are detailed here. Application examples are IMON, Web Reports, and JDEdwards Freight Calculation. I have included documenation and samples of actual code on this page.

Using PHP to test stored procedures on the System I
In order to help the quality assurance staff test each stored procedure that was written, as well as demonstrate each ones functionality, PHP was used in conjunction with HTML forms on the IBM i. The PHP and HTML forms were all stored on the IFS so that anyone connected to the system had easy access to run the procedures.

SEO Friendly Websites
Having a websites that is search engine friendly is very important in today’s global marketplace.  A website needs to be built with SEO in mind because if not, new competitors can appear rapidly and easily command your market share. You need someone to build you a SEO web friendly site and obtain high quality inbound links from domains that have authority and are trustworthy.

The Painman (JavaScript)
This is a demonstration of a JavaScript program that I wrote as part of an online medical forms entry web site written for an Orthopedic surgeon in Jesup Georgia. The site was written so patients could enter all their information online rather than manually. The Painman allows the patient to specify “where it hurts” and have that information included with the form when it is sent to the doctors office.

Treehouse Cats (eCommerce, PHP, PayPal)
This is an actual web site that I wrote for a customer who sells books and greeting cards online. I used PHP to integrate PayPal shopping cart and payment options with this eCommerce web site. Click below to visit site and browse the web site to see how integrating PayPal into your eCommerce web site can work.

EC Gateway – Sybase EDI Server Scripting
EC Gateway scripting is basically a traffic cop for Sybase EDI Server , an EDI product from Sybase. The scripting language is unique to Sybase, and contains its own FTP agent as well as other interfaces to other Sybase products such as Sybase EZ Link and HIPAA configuration tools used in the mapping of EDI data into client back-end systems.

Formcookie (JavaScript)
This is another example of a JavaScript program that I wrote that allows form fields to be saved in cookies and then restored into the form the next time the visitors displays the page. This script was originally written for Kenerly Orthopedic, but then used again and again in other sites. The script is completely generic and requires no changes in order to be used in any form HTML page. You can view the source code for this script on The JavaScript Source web site. [View source].

Web Based Calendar (Example of Perl scripting)
This is an example of Perl. I wrote this as part of a web site I did for a day care center. They wanted to post events on their web site, so I wrote this script to allow them to enter events on the calendar and give parents easy access to the calendar. Click the calendar logo to the left to view a demo of the calendar, or click here to view a demo of the administration process. [Calendar Admistration].

Web Inventory Maintenance (Example of PHP scripting)
This is an example of PHP scripts. This script lists all products in your inventory file and allows the user to change prices, descriptions, and category options. This example uses photographs that I took of classic cars at the car museum. Click the image to the left to view a demonstration.

SEO Friendly Websites with WordPress
This is an example of a personal website built by an seo specialist in birmingham, helping clients create good online content, seo friendly websites and natural link building services. that I created for myself and friends of mine who used to go on an annual backpacking trip. I took all the photographs and wanted to have a fun site to display them. So, I got the domain, and created the site. It has been a few years since we backpacked, but I wanted to include the site here as an example of web site design using Adobe GoLive.